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What is Bank Naukri Affiliate Program?

The Bank Naukri Affiliate programme is an initiative that enables anyone joining the programme to promote Bank Naukri's comprehensive courses for bank exams and government exams. As an Affiliate, you will get access to all of Bank Naukri's online courses, which can be promoted through websites, blogs, online communities and forums, email contacts, and other social media channels. Affiliates get rewarded with commission for the purchases made by learners through Affiliate promotional efforts.

Why Bank Naukri Affiliate Program?

Bank Naukri is India's No.1 Bank exams and Government Exams Coaching Institute. Having helped thousands of aspirants grab their dream jobs, Bank Naukri is now looking to widen the horizons by reaching out to more aspirants. By joining Bank Naukri Affiliate Program, you stand to:

  • Earn by promoting the best of courses that address the high demands of the education space.
  • Gain access to Affiliate Support for all free marketing collaterals and requirements.
  • Support our cause to deliver high quality learning at affordable prices to all.

Who can join the Bank Naukri Affiliate Program?

If you own a website or a blog with a good audience to Bank Naukri, go ahead and join to get started. But even if you don't have a website, you can still join and promote our courses on social media channels, discussion forums, email campaigns and by writing product reviews on various relevant platforms.

How to make money?

Choose from hundreds of courses

Have access to hundreds of courses on various topics.

Generate Affiliate links

Have unique links generated for specific courses, topics, and pages.

Promote us

Share and promote our courses on your blog, website, social media channels, or even through Word of mouth.


Earn a commission on each purchase made by the customer through your link.


+What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money through the Internet, where you can receive commission for referring a parent company to make sales via your website.

+What is Bank Naukri's Affiliate Program?

Bank Naukri's Affiliate Program rewards you for directing customers to our website who subsequently make a purchase. For this, we pay you a referral commission.

+I don't have my own website or blog. Can I still join the Program?

Yes, you can still join the Bank Naukri Affiliate Program. You can promote the product (Bank Naukri courses) by writing product reviews in various forums, communities, and social media platforms by providing your link to direct the potential customers to Bank Naukri to make purchases.

+What product do I have to promote or market?

Bank Naukri provides comprehensive, well-designed courses that will help an aspirant crack a particular bank or government exam. Each course has:- a) interactive video lessons by experts on all concepts b) full-length mock tests c) topic-wise and section-wise tests d) live webinar sessions by experts e) 24x7 support and expert guidance. Choose any of these courses as per the customer segment you have a reach to, and get paid when they make purchases through your link.

+What are the Marketing collaterals available for promoting your courses?

As an Affiliate you will have access to the following Marketing collaterals:

  • Affiliate link/URL: A unique link for a course or page. You can choose from the courses available, generate an affiliate link for it, and put it on the forums you wish to promote the courses on. The link can be shared on social media groups and pages, discussion forums and communities etc.
  • Affiliate code/script: You can also copy the code or script and to embed your link and host it on your blog or website.

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